Coffee chat

Welcome! Via this tool, you can book a free coffee chat with either our voluntary projects or professional internships team. During this chat, we will tell you everything about our organization, process, and projects. In turn, you can explain where you would like to go and what you would like to do!

Professional Internships

Expand your horizon by developing your career in a global setting. Work in a whole new environment and culture, while adapting to a local life in another country. Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects through an international internship.
With our Global Talent program we provide international internships for 6-78 weeks at an international company.
With our Global Teaching program we provide international teaching internships for 9-78 weeks at an educational institution.

Do you want to differentiate yourself from your fellow students? Plan a coffee chat with us!

Voluntary Projects

Experience a new culture, meet like minded people, expand your network across the world and develop your leadership while going on a volunteering project for a periode of 6-8 weeks. Sounds interesting? Plan a coffee chat with us!